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Words To Lose!

Posted: | April 15, 2023

When lecturing on equine reproduction our lead lecturer Jos Mottershead often comments that there are several words to lose in order to avoid confusion and – plainly – being incorrect. The words he always cites are “never” and “always”, because the moment that one uses those words, invariably someone in the audience comes up with a situation which… Read More »

Failure of Passive Transfer

Posted: | January 9, 2021

Failure of Passive Transfer in Neonatal Foals – low IgG – can lead to potentially fatal complications, but is easily managed in most with testing and supplementation By Jos Mottershead Foals are born with little or no immunity to infection from outside organisms. There is a minimal amount of immunoglobulin-M (IgM) produced in-utero, but insufficient to ensure adequate… Read More »

Dealing with Retained Fetal Membranes (Placenta)

Posted: | November 16, 2020

Retained Fetal Membranes in the Mare – Post foaling retention of placenta and membranes. Noted reproductive vet Dr. Jon Pycock discusses at what point this becomes a problem, and how to treat it. By Dr. Jonathan F Pycock, B.Vet.Med., Ph.D., D.E.S.M., M.R.C.V.S. Equine Reproductive Services, Messenger Farm, Ryton, Yorkshire The mare illustrated here is presented to you four… Read More »

Is my mare Overdue? The Perennial Panic!

Posted: | November 13, 2020

Is my mare overdue? – A question frequently asked by concerned owners and discussed here with possible answers and statistics related to gestational durations. By Jos Mottershead Note: Please review the statistics at the foot of this page. If you have gestational duration information on your born-live colt or filly foal, please add it and assist us in… Read More »