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Frozen Semen for Standard IVF?

Posted: | September 30, 2023

Frozen Semen for Standard IVF? In September of 2022, Felix et al. (University of Pennsylvania, New Bolton) published a paper which detailed the use of fresh semen for successful standard in-vitro fertilization in the equine[1] with poor results when using frozen semen, so a question to arise out of that research was, with refinement, is it possible to… Read More »

Can Embryo Transfer Success Rates be Improved?

Posted: | September 16, 2023

Can Embryo Transfer Success Rates be Improved? Embryo transfer success rates are recognized as having a variable outcome dependent upon technician technique as well as mare suitability. While the flush process is usually fairly stable in results and less subject to variability, the subsequent transfer often does not maintain that same stability of success between all practitioner groups.… Read More »

Vitrification of Larger Embryos

Posted: | August 26, 2023

Vitrification of Larger Embryos Successful vitrification of larger embryos – those >300µm – has typically not been achieved previously without use of the comparatively new procedure of puncture. Prior to development of that technique, best success was seen with smaller embryos, which has necessitated flushing on day 6 or 6½ post-ovulation. This in turn required closer monitoring to… Read More »