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    If you have questions concerning A.I., frozen semen, stallion management, or other equine reproduction topics, or if you have suggestions for a subject for an article not already covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us, even if you are not looking at using our services. We will be pleased to try and help you. It is important to note however that information provided is in the abstract, and is only general information that should be confirmed with your attending veterinarian specific to your animal and situation if that information has a veterinary implication. You may also find the EquineRepro Facebook Group which we run to be of use in answering your question.

    The best route of contact is e-mail, and we will attempt to respond as soon as we can. However, especially during breeding season, we do not always have a chance to respond on a daily basis, so please be a little tolerant of delays! If you have not received a reply within a couple of days however, please re-send your e-mail, as it may have become a casualty of cyberspace!

    If you are a student: please note that although we are pleased to offer information on this site and to answer breeder’s questions we are not prepared to write e-mails containing answers that will be suitable for inclusion in your term papers; and nor do we respond to “where on the site can I find….” questions – that’s why we have included a search engine!! Note also that many, if not most, of the major Universities worldwide access this site, so it is likely that the articles (which are copyrighted) have already been read by faculty and any plagiarism will not go unnoticed!! Please do feel free to make use of the information – but don’t copy it verbatim, and make sure you reference it in the correct manner!



    We are located about 65 miles – primarily via Interstate – from Will Rogers International Airport in Oklahoma City. The facility is 2¼ miles from exit 64 on I-35. If you are visiting, there are hotels and restaurants within easy travelling distance to be found 3 exits north on I-35 (exit 72, Paul’s Valley).

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