Semen extending calculator

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Some of the entry fields here are optional, and the page can be used to only calculate doses, or to allow creation of a printable form for sending with the shipment. Those fields that have a number already entered in them have the standard industry default value in place. The entry may be changed if desired by highlighting, backspacing, and typing in the new entry. Some extenders will automatically default to the antibiotic in use with that extender. Those cannot be changed.

It is essential that the following selections be completed:

  • Volume
  • Sperm concentration
  • Sperm Progressive Motility
  • Under “Targeted Number of Sperm in each Dose” select either “Total Sperm” (for shipping a fixed number regardless of motility) or “Progressive” for shipping a specific number of progressively motile sperm. Default is “Total Sperm”.
  • Under “If a fixed final volume must be shipped…” select either “Variable” if you do not require a specific volume be shipped, or if a fixed volume is required (such as in a centrifuge tube or syringe), select “Fixed”. Default is “Variable”. If “Fixed” is selected, default volume is 57.75 ml, which is the actual volume of a 50-ml centrifuge tube when filled to the top (change this volume as desired).
  • We have preset the final (extended) concentration to be 35 million/ml. If you choose to alter this, unless you are centrifuging the semen, it should be set to between 25-50 million/ml. Use of 35 million/ml allows for some counting device error in both directions.

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Stallion Details
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Ejaculate Details

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Sperm Concentration (million/ml): Sperm Progressive Motility: %

Shipping Parameters

Number of Insemination Doses in each Shipment:
Targeted Number of Sperm in each Dose (in billions at time of shipment – must be in excess of 1 billion): Total sperm or progressive?
Final Desired Extended Concentration (in millions of sperm per ml): x106/ml
If a fixed final volume must be shipped (e.g. in an Equitainer Centrifuge Tube or a Syringe), that volume is: Variable or fixed?
Note that a 50-ml centrifuge tube actually holds 57.75 ml when filled to the top)

Semen Extender Used:

Antibiotic Used in the Extender:

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