At, LLC we are all about education. In fact, the domain came into being over 20 years ago because of some reproduction articles that were being hosted on one of our personal pages and which were getting so many “hits” that the host told us we needed to get our own domain and stop using the personal subdomain! “Knowledge is power” and this applies to horse breeding and breeders, veterinarians, researchers and everyone that is going to try to produce a foal or be involved in the breeding process in some way. We hope that this site has proved of some horse breeding training assistance to you, and we encourage you to explore our various educational items.


Equine Reproduction Education - horse breeding training

It has been said of our equine reproduction short courses that they have been “Imitated by some – duplicated by none!” There are many courses out there – some very good, some no so much – and we encourage you to ask around for references and experiences, including from our past attendees! It’s our aim that you will learn enough to recoup the cost of the course within the first breeding season (presuming you are breeding a reasonable number of animals!) Our shortcourses are approved in the United Kingdom for the provision of the Certificate of Exemption required for lay people to perform AI on mares. We are currently one of only 3 providers able to offer these courses. Although in the US there is no restriction (in most states) on performing AI, we offer the same course there, with a completion certificate. Check out our shortcourse page for more information!

One-on-one Tuition

Aren’t comfortable with crowds? Are we not holding a shortcourse at a time frame that works for you? Do you need something more targeted for your needs? Consider one of our one-on-one tuition sessions. We can “tailor make” a course specifically to suit your needs and current knowledge levels. Beginner? No problem! Experienced? No problem! Want to learn only about mares and not stallions (or stallions and not mares)? No problem! We can work with you to make this happen! Check out our one-on-one tuition page for more details!

Facebook Group

EquineRepro on Facebook - horse breeding trainingAlthough we created and moderate the EquineRepro Facebook Group, we can’t really claim full honours for this resource, as without many of the 15,000 other members, there wouldn’t be the sharing of information that goes on! With over 1,000 veterinarians, as well as some world-renowned equine reproduction researchers as members, it is an excellent place to go to read, learn or ask questions! It is tightly moderated though, so be sure to read and follow the rules! It is kept strictly on-topic for horse breeding training, and there is no advertising of horses or stallions for sale (there are a few used horse breeding equipment items advertised though, which is permitted). For more details go to the group (linked above) or check out our page which gives a few more details.

Equine Reproduction Articles

We are also well-known for our informational articles written by respected veterinarians, lecturers and researchers in the world of horse breeding. Up-to-date information brought to you free of charge, allowing you to research your own particular situation at your leisure!

Equine Reproduction Books

Equine reproduction booksA selection of books about horse breeding – some technical and some for the neophyte breeder – many reviewed by our staff members. Ranging from the most complete to the most convenient to have on hand, our books section will help you further your knowledge and keep a handy reference by your side whether it be for a breeding or foaling situation.


If you are setting up a breeding operation, or have an existing operation about which you need some advice but can’t find it in the various articles or one of the recommended books, we do offer a consultation service, details of which are provided on our services page.