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Read about our Epididymal Flush Semen Freezing Service below!

Hamilton Thorne CASA LogoSperm motility evaluations are performed using our Hamilton-Thorne CEROS Computer Assisted Semen Analyzer!
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Semen Freezing Services

Equine-Reproduction.com staff have been successfully freezing stallion semen for almost 30 years. Being involved in research has permitted some innovative techniques to be used and developed, allowing, for example, as many as 30% more insemination doses to be obtained from a single ejaculate, while still retaining standard insemination techniques and sperm numbers. Equine-Reproduction.com can store semen for customers, or semen can be stored by the customer in their own tank. Our one-on-one tuition can also demonstrate thawing techniques and use of frozen semen to ensure that the customer is comfortable with the handling of the semen for insemination and shipping.

Epididymal Flush Semen Freezing Service: If you are having a colt castrated, or a stallion has to be euthanized or dies unexpectedly, if you arrange with your veterinarian to ship the testicles to us, we will flush the epididymides and harvest as many sperm as possible, then if found to be suitable, freeze them for future use! Contact us for more details.

Ship cooled semen to us for freezing! You perform the collection at your facility following some simple guidelines that we provide, and ship the semen extended and cooled overnight to us. We will evaluate the semen using CASA for sperm motility and Fluorescent staining for cellular integrity. If the semen has retained or exceeds minimum parameters, we will freeze the semen. Contact us for further details!

Stallion Collection Training

We offer training services for your stallion, teaching him how to be “collected” using either a breeding mount or using ground collection techniques (in which no mount is required). We can also work with stallions that have developed an aversion for being collected, and retrain them as is suitable, a practice in which we have a high degree of success.

Cooled Semen Evaluation

Once you have your stallion trained to collect, it is important to determine which semen extender his sperm perform the best in. For this process, the semen should be evaluated once collected, then extended at the correct concentration in a variety of different extenders, packed in an EquitainerTM and then reevaluated at 24, 48 and if suitable 72 hours to determine which extender is the most suitable.

Cooled semen evaluation can be performed with us collecting the stallion at your location, or by you collecting the semen following our guidelines and shipping the semen to us in extenders provided by us. Alternatively, we will evaluate individual ejaculates packed by you as you would normally, and then shipped to us for the evaluation. (Follow the links for more details).

Breeding Operation Set-up and Training

We will visit your farm and work with you to assist you in setting up your semen collection/processing laboratory and teach you how to use all the equipment!


What to do when things go wrong? Problems with getting your stallion collected? Problems getting your semen to ship well? Problems getting a good in-foal percentage? Who ya gonna call? Equine-Reproduction.com offers e-mail or on-line video consultations, or in extreme instances, staff may be able to visit your operation and work with you to try and determine the causes of and solutions to problems.

Mare Management (at the Oklahoma Location only)

Our mare reproductive management is offered as a package that includes daily teasing and management of your mare to identify correct timing of insemination. We contact the stallion owner for you if ordering cooled semen, and keep them apprised of your mare’s status. We evaluate all shipments of semen that we receive for your mare and provide you with timely information on your mare’s breeding status.

If breeding with frozen semen, we offer mare owners our expertise in breeding your mare. As our fees are a flat rate, there are no hidden or additional charges (unless additional veterinary involvement is necessary).

Embryo Transfer (at the Oklahoma Location only)

We also offer mare owners the opportunity to maximize their mare’s genetic contribution by performing embryo transfers. Mare owners have the option of having us do all of the work or actively participating in the process by managing their mare(s) at home and bringing them to us for the flush and transfer. We are proud of our exceptional embryo flush rate that realize a better than 75% success rate. We again offer a flat rate for flushing and transferring, or will manage your mare from start to finish. If you don’t have a recipient mare, we can arrange synchronization with a facility that has multiple recipient mares available and shipping the embryo to that facility.

2024 Price List


Phantom Collection Training of Stallion (full charge if successful, $125/hour if not) Up to $495.00
Ground Collection Training of a Stallion (full charge if successful, $125/hour if not) Up to $625.00
Collection of Stallion Ejaculate 130.00
Collection of Ejaculate, Extension and Analysis 195.00
Collection of Ejaculate, Extension, Analysis and Preparation for Transportation 225.00
Collection of Ejaculate, Extension, Analysis, Preparation for Transportation and provision of disposable container
Note that Equine-Reproduction.com will not ship out semen in any used disposable container – even one provided by the stallion owner. If a disposable container is to be used, it must be new and unused. This is to ensure the best quality shipment with the use of a disposable shipper – reused containers do not ensure this.
Semen Freezing (Single Ejaculate – domestic use only) 425.00
Semen Freezing Package (4 Ejaculates – domestic use only) 1,395.00
Semen Test Freeze (Examined and Destroyed within 30 days; 50% discount if freezing package purchased) 495.00
Semen Freezing of Ejaculate Shipped to us Cooled – domestic use only 425.00
Evaluation charge for Ejaculate Shipped to us for Freezing if Found Not Suitable for Freezing (not charged if ejaculate is found to be freezable) 75.00
Semen Freezing of Sperm Harvested from the Epididymides sent to us – domestic use only 450.00
Charge for Flushing Epididymides Shipped to us for Sperm Freezing if Found Not Suitable for Freezing (not charged if sperm are found to be freezable) 90.00
Semen Storage Per Canister (monthly) 35.00 / month
Semen Storage Per Canister Per Annum (annual prepaid) 220.00 / year


Complete Analysis of Semen for Cooled Transport using multiple commercially available extenders – we ship extenders to you, and you collect and pack according to our directions then ship the semen to us for evaluation. Evaluations performed up to 72 hours post collection if suitable (follow the link for more details) 395.00
Analysis of a single sample of Semen packaged by you for Cooled Transport and shipped to us. Evaluations performed up to 72 hours post collection if suitable (follow the link for more details) 225.00
Centrifugation of Semen 35.00
Centrifugation of Semen using Gradient 50.00
Semen Analysis (motility and concentration) 45.00
Extension of Collected Semen 45.00


Packaging of Semen for Transport $35.00
Equitainer Rental (up to 5 days and only if available) 75.00
Equitainer Deposit (Refunded upon return cleaned) 300.00
Cleaning Equitainer returned dirty 25.00
Daily Rental for Equitainer Returned Late 25.00
Frozen Semen Vapor (“Dry”) Shipper Rental (up to 5 days – client use only) 100.00
Frozen Semen Vapor Shipper Nitrogen Charging 75.00
Frozen Semen Vapor Shipper Deposit (Refunded upon return in sound condition) 1,250.00
Daily Rental for Vapor Shipper Returned Late 50.00
Frozen semen pick-up transfer charge (per stallion) 25.00


Troubleshooting, set-up consultation, training etc. – e-mail or on-line video consultation. In-person travel is extra. $150.00/hour


Management of mare for insemination (cooled/fresh semen) $450.00
Management of mare for insemination (frozen semen) $550.00
Insemination only $45.00


Flushing for embryo $500.00
Transfer of embryo $250.00
Please note that we will be happy to handle the breeding and management of your mares for embryo transfer – including the recipient mare – please call for pricing and details


Note that management pricing above does not include board at the Oklahoma or any other facility. Board pricing presented here is for the Oklahoma facility only. Board pricing for horses at other locations must be determined by contacting that location directly.

Stallion Board/Month $850.00
Stallion Board/Day $30.00
Mare Board/Day (dry mare) $25.00
Mare Board/Day – after 25 days in foal $35.00
Additional charge for foal at foot/day $5.00
Please contact us for further explanation or details!