Our Site Sponsorship Policy

You will notice a collection of logos and links for and to equine reproductive equipment manufacturers and suppliers appears on our site, as well as links to products and equipment in some of the articles. These are our “sponsors” who assist us in supporting the costs of running this site. They are not however arbitraily picked at random, but rather we have specific criteria that must be met before we approach them to see if they are interested in assisting us. these items include:

  • Products which we have tried and used and found to be effective;
  • Products which are reasonably priced;
  • Businesses which provide good customer service.

These are all things which we, as breeders ourselves, consider essential ingredients for making life easier and more productive.

It is important to note that we will not necessarily promote all products from one of the companies, but only those which we have found to be effective – and we do try out products, and indeed use them ourselves where appropriate!

Rest assured therefore that if you see a company or product mentioned on the website or in an article, it is because we have found them or it to be of use in a breeding program!