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Centrifugation – Tips, Techniques and Calculations

Posted: | May 24, 2022

Centrifugation of Stallion Semen – Tips and tricks for centrifugation of stallion semen, with a G-rate (RCF) calculator. Why centrifuge semen? See this article! By Jos Mottershead Why Centrifuge Semen? There are a number of reasons why one would choose to centrifuge stallion semen other than the obvious reasons such as during preparation prior to freezing. One of… Read More »

Equine Viral Arteritis

Posted: | October 22, 2021

Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) – a detailed and descriptive article about equine viral arteritis (EVA), a disease which has severe negative reproductive implications. By: Kathy St.Martina, Jos Mottersheada, Dr. Peter Timoneyb LLC, Wynnewood, OK 73098, USA; bDepartment of Veterinary Science, Gluck Equine Research Center, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40546, USA… Read More »

Warming Semen in the Field

Posted: | January 31, 2021

Constructing An Emergency Slide Warmer – Sometimes lab equipment may not be available, so one has to become inventive. An emergency slide warmer is one such piece of equipment! By Jos Mottershead Sometimes lab equipment may not be available, so one has to become inventive. An emergency slide warmer is one such piece of equipment! Easily constructed –… Read More »

Individual Tuition

Posted: | December 17, 2020

One-on-one Horse Breeding Training While we are renowned for offering short courses on the subject of horse breeding worldwide, we not infrequently encounter people either at the courses or through our website who are in need of more specific one-on-one horse breeding training. Perhaps they do not own stallions but want to learn more about the reproductive aspects… Read More »

You’re Ready to Breed Your Mare – But is the Semen OK?

Posted: | December 15, 2020

The Semen Looked Bad – Or Is It? Maybe not as bad as you think! A review of what constitutes a cooled semen dose, looking at some newer research and older dogma. By Jos Mottershead and Kathy St. Martin During the course of the breeding season – especially on the EquineRepro Facebook Group that we manage – we… Read More »

Extender Evaluation

Posted: | November 2, 2020

Cooled Semen Extender Evaluation Service Facts about cooled semen extenders and your stallion Not all stallions have sperm that will respond the same to all extenders; Not only do different extenders have different ingredients, but there can be a difference in the response you see from your stallion’s sperm to different antibiotics used within those extenders! There is… Read More »

Shipped Evaluation

Posted: | November 2, 2020

Shipped Semen Evaluation Service Have you ever wondered what the semen you ship out really looks like at the receiving end? Have you ever had a situation where the sample you sent was reported to you as being “dead”, but the one you saved from the same ejaculate for evaluation was very much alive? Have you even just… Read More »

Semen Calculator

Posted: | October 14, 2020

Semen extending calculator – Can’t do the semen extension calculations? Use our free semen extending calculator! Enter data, hit a button, get the answer, print it out! Some of the entry fields here are optional, and the page can be used to only calculate doses, or to allow creation of a printable form for sending with the shipment.… Read More »