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Individual Tuition

Posted: | December 17, 2020

One-on-one Horse Breeding Training While we are renowned for offering short courses on the subject of horse breeding worldwide, we not infrequently encounter people either at the courses or through our website who are in need of more specific one-on-one horse breeding training. Perhaps they do not own stallions but want to learn more about the reproductive aspects… Read More »

Assembling Your New INRA-AV and Preparing for Collection

Posted: | November 10, 2020

Putting together an INRA (French) AV (the way) – A pictorial description of assembling the INRA (French) AV with the technique used at, LLC At we use a variety of artificial vaginas (“AV’s”), but the one that we particularly favour and use the most is the INRA (French model) AV from IMV. We have used… Read More »

Phantom Plans – Build Your Own Breeding Mount!

Posted: | November 9, 2020

The Home-Built Power-pole Breeding Mount or “Phantom” – How to build a phantom mare (breeding mount) for collecting semen from stallions. Detailed plans for a homemade power-pole mount. By Jos Mottershead We have built a lot of these very simple power-pole breeding mounts (also known as “phantoms” or “phantom mares”) for use in semen collection over the years.… Read More »

An Overview of Training the Stallion to Use the Breeding Mount

Posted: | November 5, 2020

Phantom Training The Stallion – An Overview – A short description of phantom training the stallion in order to collect semen for AI, using the breeding mount. By Jos Mottershead Phantom training is not as hard as one might imagine it to be. It involves conditioned reflex response (remember “Pavlov’s dogs” from school science?) The response is of… Read More »

Artificial Vagina – Comparisons and Reviews

Posted: | October 11, 2020

The Artificial Vagina – 5 different commonly used types of equine artificial vagina compared – Colorado, Missouri, French (INRA), BotuPharma (Brazillian) and Roanoke The artificial vagina or “A.V.” is the tool most commonly used for semen collection from stallions for use in artificial insemination programs, for the semen to be frozen, or for analysis. There are many types… Read More »