Posted: | February 8, 2023

PolSKI a Success! - Delegates gatherThe first annual PolSKI equine reproduction CPD course, held recently in Szczyrk, Poland was considered a success by all attendees. With a well-rounded collection of equine reproduction “notables” as speakers on a variety of cutting-edge topics and research, the lectures were offset by a healthy level of relaxation in the form of daily skiing and other extra-curricular activities such as an evening horse-drawn sleigh ride.

PolSKI a success! Even those who didn't ski still managed a little "snow fun"!

Even those who didn’t ski still managed a little “snow fun”! Professor Newcombe and Dr. Staniek in fierce battle!

Speakers were Professor John Newcombe, Dr Sandra Wilsher, Prof Duccio Panzani, Dr James Crabtree, Asst Prof Anthony N. Claes, Dr Juan Cuervo-Arango, Dr Roberto Sanchez and Professor Marco Alvarenga. Subject matter had immediate practical application for attendees who will undoubtedly be making use of information provided during the breeding and foaling season. We provide the full list of the presentations below. The final presentation of the meeting was a poignant review by Dr. Sandra Wilsher of the life of Professor WR “Twink” Allen, and his intense and heavy contribution to the field of equine reproduction. Known to many of the attendees personally, and certainly by reputation and publication by all, this was a most fitting closure to the meeting.

PolSKI a success! - Professor Duccio Panzani addresses the audience

Professor Duccio Panzani addresses the audience

The variety of countries from which delegates originated was as remarkable as the International selection of speakers. Representing countries as far-dispersed as Brazil, the USA, Israel and the UAE with many other countries in between, it was truly an International meeting!

Plans are already afoot to hold this meeting again around the same time next year – and there was an overwhelming trend among attendees to repeat their presence next year! The first annual PolSKI meeting was considered a definite success!!

Presentation Topics:

Professor John Newcombe:
Timing of AI to ovulation
Interpretation of bacterial cultures
Post-breeding endometritis
Uterine fluid: effect on pregnancy rates
Controversial placental removal

Dr Sandra Wilsher:
Maternal recognition of pregnancy
How to check the placenta post-partum
Tips on embryo freezing and vitrification
Professor WR “Twink” Allen’s contribution to equine reproduction

Professor Duccio Panzani:
Hastening cyclicity
Female donkey reproduction

Dr James Crabtree:
Oestrus suppression
Dystocia in the field

Asst. Professor Anthony Claes:
Twin management
Recipient management for ICSI embryos

Dr. Juan Cuervo-Arango:
Ovulation failure
Early pregnancy loss
Equipment for OPU
Enhanced embryo recovery

Dr. Roberto Sanchez:
Low dose AI
OPU – risks and new insights
Embryo freezing

Professor Marco Alvarenga:
New therapies to control post-breeding endometritis
Strategies to improve stallion semen fertility
Protocols to prepare ET recipients

PolSki a success!

We Hope to See You Next Year!