Posted: | November 4, 2023
Our lead lecturer to attend ISER - ISER Logo

ISER XIII Presentation Summaries

ISER XIII Presentation Summaries - cover imageFollowing the attendance of our lead lecturer to the 13th International Symposium on Equine Reproduction, we are pleased to be able to provide ISER XIII presentation summaries of some of the presentations which have immediate clinical relevance.

At, LLC we have long been proponents of getting the research data into the hands (and minds) of those who can make immediate use of the information – veterinarians, breeders and farm managers. Indeed, we ourselves presented on the subject of that not always being possible at the British Society for Animal Science’s Colloquium for Equine Reproduction in 2013 (“The researcher and the user in the field-a two way street or a stop sign?“) We are thrilled therefore to have been given the opportunity to present some of these ISER XIII presentation summaries in a venue so well-frequented by the parties who will find immediate application.

Our “ISER XIII Snippets” listing can be found on the page with that title. We will be adding summaries weekly, and also present them on our Facebook Group. We hope you find them of interest and useful!