Equine Reproduction Receives Welcome Boost in the UK

Posted: | September 19, 2017
Dr. Jon Pycock

Dr. Jon PycockEquine reproduction in the UK has received a boost in that noted specialist Dr. Jonathan Pycock is now BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) president. Dr. Pycock is encouraging increased research and presentation of the subject, and an enjoyable first step is the Equine Veterinary Journal’s release of 10 papers viewable on-line by all. These are available on the EVJ website.

Dr. Pycock has been a long-time supporter of Equine-Reproduction.com and has kindly provided us with articles and presentations for many years, some of which can be found in our articles section. We are proud and happy to offer our congratulations to Dr. Pycock, and British horse breeding, as well as our thanks for his support. We must also offer thanks to his wife Gill for provision of the accompanying photo of Dr. Pycock!