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Stallion Station

Posted: | October 29, 2020

Stallions at the Stallion Station In addition to its other services, LLC also offers a stallion station servicing all breeds at its facility in Oklahoma, where breeding stallions may be managed for the breeding season, or housed permanently. Stallions can have semen collected and shipped from the facility, including to Canada (currently under CEM restrictions for semen… Read More »

Export Facility

Posted: | October 28, 2020

USDA Approved Pre-export Isolation* Equine Semen Export Facility Frozen horse semen – Equine Semen Export Facility * The term “quarantine facility” although often used in this context for a facility for semen export is technically incorrect. The correct term is “pre-export isolation facility” LLC operates a USDA-approved equine semen export facility for collection of frozen horse semen… Read More »