Posted: | August 11, 2023

Time to Share the Wealth!!

Scheduled Mare Short Course - Jos in Brazil

Jos “working hard” at ISER XIII (or “hardly working”?!!)

With our lead lecturer Jos attending the International Symposium on Equine Reproduction, we knew he’d come back with all sorts of new information. What we didn’t anticipate was quite the degree of enthusiasm he would have to share that information!! We’ve all got fed up listening to him and have scheduled a mare short course this Fall so YOU can all listen to him!!

We will be holding a two-day mare short course at our facility in Wynnewood, OK on Saturday and Sunday October 7 & 8, 2023. The details and the ability to sign up are here on the website on our shortcourse page.

Scheduled Mare Short Course - Tract Inspection

Tract Inspection – Hartpury Course, 2017

Our newly scheduled mare short course will have all of the usual subject matter – it’s intensive and thorough, so wear your “learning cap”! – but now we have added information just recently presented at ISER XIII and “hot off the presses”!

We look forward to seeing some of you – and please feel free to share this information! Although places at the course are limited, we love to give everyone we can the opportunity to attend!! And we also hope it might quieten Jos for a while!! 😉