Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted: | March 20, 2020
Mare and Foal

Operations during the COVID-19 pandemic - a mare with foalWe are continuing our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, running our normal business hours – 9 to 5 weekdays and 10 to noon on weekends. Semen shipments are being made as normal and we have seen only some delays in courier activities. As always, we ask that you order overnight semen shipments by 10 am CST on the day the shipment needs to go out (i.e. the day before you need to receive it) unless it is a Canadian shipment, in which case we need to know by 5:00 pm on the day before the shipment is to be made. We ship by courier during the week and while normally we can ship by counter-to-counter on weekends and holidays, we are restricting that service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please call us to discuss possibilities. We are still accepting mares for breeding management, with the usual requirement that you book ahead. We are also still accepting “drive-by shooting” semen collections. As always, please do not unload horses until you have spoken to a member of management. Please maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from staff whenever possible, and if not, we would ask that you wear a face mask.

At this time, other than the above, the only changes relate to a request that if you or a close associate (household member, fellow worker etc.) are currently showing signs of sickness compatible with COVID-19 symptoms, or if you have returned from a trip in a known “risk” country or region that you refrain from coming to our facility, and that you contact us if such a visit is needed for some reason (e.g. pick up semen or drop off a mare) so that we may work with you to make safe arrangements that will work for everyone. Similarly, if you fall into the same category of persons and have received a shipment of semen from us and are returning the container, please contact us to let us know that we need to take additional biosecurity measures upon receipt of our container, and so that we can also take care of our courier driver and warn them of any such risk.

We thank you for helping us maintain our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, so that we can continue to help you.

Jos, Kathy and the staff at Equine-Reproduction.com, LLC